A Message from Bule

Today(20th April 2011) there is an message from Australian in my FB inbox. She described her goal briefly:

"Hi just saw that you were a fan of Australia. I was just wondering if you would possibly be able to help me out with a University project that I am doing about Australia Network.

Just to explain my project a little better, I am currently in my last year of studies of a ba in Communications, at University of Technology Sydney. As part of my study load this semester, I am required to undertake professional placement, and to complete a professional placement project.

I am undertaking my placement at the Australia Network, the ABC International satellite television broadcaster (it ihas a mix of Australian programs, regional news and current affairs programs, as well as learning English and other educational programs)."


"I am looking for Indonesian people, who watch Australia Network, or who might know anyone who does, to either fill in a survey for me or to participate in a short interview with me (via skype). It is focusing on 'viewer lifestyles' and will help to provide information for the stations programs and structure."

God, interview with foreigner(specifically: BULE) via Skype? I never did it before.Furthermore, I never used skype for communicate! 0o0
But it is a precious moment to gauge my speaking skill !! hahaha


  1. gpp bro... siapa tau ntr diajak ke ausi..ya kan..hehe...

    *balesan kunjungan blog saya....hehe..ijin follow juga ya... ^^


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